Virtual Care Services 
Our nurse consultant is available to provide virtual support services to support you and your family.

Diagnosed with cancer?

Need help communicating with your cancer doctors?

Looking for an experienced advocate to provide personalized services?

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Your Cancer Care Membership Includes:

  • Accessibility: Contact our cancer care team via email, text or phone with any questions you may have
  • ​Advocacy: Help with navigating your cancer care in a complex healthcare system
  • Expertise: Advice from an experienced certified cancer care registered nurse
  • ​​Value: Discount pricing on virtual care services

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Our Concierge Virtual Care Services

eDocument Review

Do you have a confusing medical document or report that you need translated? This service will include a document summary and follow-up questions to ask at your next appointment.
  •  1 -  Document review and summary
  • Understand what these documents mean
  • ​Be empowered by asking the right medical questions
  • Virtual Advocacy Services

One-Time Advocacy Service

Are you scheduled to see you doctor and you are unsure what to expect, what questions to ask and need help navigating the appointment?
  •  1 - Virtual Advocacy Session
  • Have an experienced cancer professional provide virtual appointment support
  • Receive a summary of the visit and a list of next steps to ensure success
  • ​​VIP ONLY: Up to 2 eDocument Reviews
  • ​VIP ONLY: up to 3 Follow up care plans and appointment facilitation services following virtual advocacy sessions

VIP Advocacy Service

If you require concierge care, this membership is for you. You will have access to the following services:
  • Have an experienced cancer professional provide virtual appointment support
  • ​VIP ONLY: Up to 2 eDocument Reviews
  • VIP ONLY: ​up to 3 Virtual Advocacy sessions
  • VIP ONLY: up to 3 Follow up care plans and appointment facilitation services following virtual advocacy sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an oncology nurse consultant?
An oncology nurse consultant is an expert in cancer care and serves as an advisor by addressing specific client needs.
What is the difference between a nurse consultant and a nurse navigator?
A nurse navigator works for a healthcare system and a nurse consultant works for you.
Why is payment for services required before meeting your cancer consultant?
By paying in advance, you are securing a time to meet with your oncology nurse consultant. If you are not sure what services you require, please reach out to the She Knows Cancer team by submitting an inquiry here.
Is an oncology nurse consultant right for you?
If you are finding it difficult to communicate with your oncology care team and have questions or concerns regarding you care. Our oncology nurse consultant is right for you.

Meet Our Oncology Nurse Consultant

Dominique Haynes, R.N., MHA
Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN)

Dominique is committed to addressing client concerns as it relates to getting answers to better understand their diagnosis and cancer treatments. With over 10 years of experience in oncology care, Dominique is knowledgeable of the disease process and effectively communicates complex information in a manner that her clients understand.

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Going through cancer treatment can be life-altering. Treatment can cause fatigue, nausea, vomitting, immobility, and more. Sometimes, it helps to have certain medical supplies to make things a little easier for you and your caregiver. 
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