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Virtual Advocacy Services
Here's What You Get:
 Have an experienced cancer professional provide virtual appointment support                     (Valued at $947)
  VIP ONLY: Up to 2 eDocument Reviews
(Valued at $836)
  VIP ONLY:​ up to 3 Virtual Advocacy sessions
(Valued at $1191)
  VIP ONLY:​ up to 3 Follow up care plans and appointment facilitation services following 
(Valued at $5091)
  BONUS: Notetaking book to keep track of important information (Valued at $27)
Your Cost Today:
Only $8065 $2497
 For those of you who are looking for effective services to help you while receiving treatment, She Knows Cancer is your care advocate. Dominique provided excellent care and held the doctors accountable. You will appreciate her services —Jon Edwards