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Written by your Cancer Care Consultant 11/30/2022
Signs of cervical cancer can vary from woman to woman. The important thing to remember is that sometimes the signs or symptoms listed below can present as a hormone imbalance. Please seek medical attention from your primary care doctor. The purpose of this post is to inform not to diagnosis. 

Abnormal cervical cell changes rarely cause symptoms. If cervical cell changes progress to cancer, symptoms may include:
More than 1 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Early cancer detection through cancer screening or cancer blood test can provide more options for fighting the disease. These blood tests check for specific markers such as CA-125 and the prostate-specific antigen, which can determine diagnosis for ovarian cancer and prostate cancer respectively. Cancer screening blood tests can also tell you your risk factors for this disease, helping you make the right lifestyle choices to prevent it. Order your Cancer blood test online today!
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